Fitness Icons

If you want to make your fitness dreams come true. The first thing you have to do is wake up.

The Model-turned - actor,who ate mutton,chicken in every day and every meal of his life, believes being vegetarian is much healthier. He also gives credit of his well toned body to his vegetarian diet.

I know there is pain, but never feel sorry for yourself. Take that pain and learn to play with it.


U Just Need Three Things


Diet is main component for body building. It works as a ratio of 80% diet and 20% exercise.Prefer vegetarian diet for body building or weight loss as it is more healthy.


Exercise at a regular routine is very important as keep us fit, healthy and strong. Exercise can be of any type like gym, dance, calisthenics.


Sleep is very important because it size of our muscles increase only when we take proper sleep. Nutrient reach each and every part of body at the time of sleep.

Health Benefits

Stimulates Heart Rate

Regularly doing exercises stimulates our heart rate and balances all the essential hormones in body.

Balances Hormones

Going gym everyday requires all the nutrients and in results it always balances hormones level in body.

Boost Career

After having spending long time in gym or any exercise creates various opportunities for career.