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Class room of SK InTERnational ScHOOL is slightly different from the traditional classrooms.

The SK InTERnational ScHOOL(SKIS) was opened by the Ningombam Sanathoi Singh (B.Tech E.C.E) on 1st (Thursday.),Feb. 2018. It was founded on a mission of providing the best of teaching and learning experiences each individual. SKIS offers a rigorous academic program to the students from SK-KID'S to middle school level. The SKIS is an authorized school for the Manipuri Dance and Music, Thang-Ta and Yoga as additional subjects, SKIS also offers daily English language instruction to broaden communicative skills. Centrally located at Yairipok KeKru. SKIS is Society Registration .....More


Today's World is changing at the fast speed and children of today need to keep up with it. Changing and Evolving our Concepts methods and approach in accordance to the metamorphosing world is mandatory. Yet one should not forget one's roots and cultural Vales. The vision of SK InTERnational SchOOL(SKIS) is definitely to accept the changes but not at the cost of losing our originality and throwing away our country's old history & culture. The Present existing curriculums in Pre School and Primary Schools in the state need to be studied in order to find out that what kind of individuals we are moldings and, individuals in whose hands the future of our state lies. Both Doctors and Psychologists frequently draw attention to the importance of the early years of childhood affording the best opportunity of safeguarding the child from Damage and laying down the foundations of sound and satisfactory development for their future.

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