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Class room of SK InTERnational ScHOOL is slightly different from the traditional classrooms.

       The SK InTERnational ScHOOL(SKIS) was opened by the Ningombam Sanathoi Singh (B.Tech E.C.E), Md. Mustafa (B.Tech E.C.E), Meikam Castro (B.Tech E.C.E), Irungbam Ajoy Singh(B.Tech E.C.E) & Kakchingtabam Tabis Sharma (B.Tech E.C.E)on 1st (Thursday.),Feb. 2018. It was founded on a mission of providing the best of teaching and learning experiences each individual. SKIS offers a rigorous academic program to the students from SKIs-KID'S to middle school level. The SKIS is an authorized school for the Manipuri Dance and Music, Thang-Ta and Yoga as additional subjects, SKIS also offers daily English language instruction to broaden communicative skills. Centrally located at Yairipok KeKru. SKIS is Society Registration body in excellence to education.

       SKIS was formed with the vision-"Knowledge brings truth, peace and development in the Universe". So, SKIS believe that, school should give students the chance to discover their talents and experience success. When a student experiences success in the history (Origin), geography, sports, arts and music & dance, this enhances self-esteem and supports their achievements in other area. Therefore, the RIS offers a wide range of co-curricular activities which challenges our students and exposes them to new experiences, environments and cultures.

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