Yes Bank Home Loan offers multiple schemes for all types of customers. You can get loans for purchase of new house/flat, purchase of plot, home loan transfer, top-up loans, and much more.

Features of home loans are doorstep service, fast and transparent processing, high loan amount, longer repayment period, and much more.

The best part is that you can apply for the loan online without going to the bank. Also, before taking the loan, you can check your EMI by using the EMI calculator.

This will help in better financial planning and reduce financial stress.

Yes Bank Home Loan Features and Benefits

Floating and Fixed Interest Rates

Yes Bank Home Loan offers you the option of taking a loan against a fixed rate of interest or against a floating rate of interest. When you take a fixed interest rate loan, you are not affected by changes in interest rates while if you have taken a floating interest rate, you will be affected by interest rate fluctuations.

Choose a floating interest rate if you:

Choose a fixed interest rate if you:

Fixed interest rates are generally priced higher than floating interest rates. So, only you can decide which type of interest rate you want. There is another option that you can opt for; a combination of fixed and floating interest rate. You can convert from fixed to floating rate and vice versa for a small fee.

Longer Repayment Period and Low EMIs

Yes Bank Home Loans offer a long repayment period and low affordable EMI. The repayment period changes from scheme to scheme.

Documentation needed to apply for an YES Bank Home Loan

  1. Signed application form with photograph
  2. ID and residence proof
  3. Processing fee cheque
  4. Last 6 months bank statements
  5. Documentation for salaried applicants:

  6. Documentation for self-employed applicants:
  7. YES Bank Home Loan Interest Rates

    YES Bank Home Loan Details
    Interest Rate 9.35% to 10.50%
    Processing Fees 0.5% of the loan amount or Rs. 10,000 whichever is higher
    Loan Tenure1 Year to 25 Years
    Partial pre-payment ChargesNil
    Pre-closure ChargesNil
    Guarantor Requirement No Guarantor Required

    Yes Bank Home Loan Fees and charges

    Interest Rate

    The interest rates for the home loan varies from 9.35% to 10.50%. It is based on the MCLR rate. To know the latest MCLR rate, please contact the bank.

    Processing Fee

    The Processing fee for the loan is 0.5% of the loan amount or Rs. 10000 whichever is higher plus applicable GST.

    Part-Payment/Pre-payment Charges

    Nil for floating rate home loans and 2.5% on the principal outstanding for fixed-rate loans.

    Other fees and charges

    1. Late Payment Penalty: 2% p.m. on overdue EMI
    2. Repayment Swapping Charges: Rs 500
    3. Instrument Return Charges: Rs 750 per instance
    4. Charges for Amortisation Schedule: Rs 100/- per request
    5. Statement of Account: Rs 100/- per request.
    6. Prepayment Statement Charges: Rs 100/- per request
    7. Duplicate NOC: Rs 100/- per request.
    8. Loan cancellation / Rebooking: Rs.2000 /- (additionally franking/stamping norms as per actuals if applicable)
    9. Legal, Repossession & Incidental charges: At Actuals
    10. Document retrieval charges (per advice) (Photocopy/scanning, etc): Rs 500/-
    11. Switch charges (Floating to prevailing fixed rate only if the same is permitted by the bank at the time of request): 0.5% of the loan amount outstanding.
    12. Switch charges (Fixed to prevailing floating rate only if the same is permitted by the bank at the time of request): 1% of the loan amount outstanding.
    13. Conversion charges (Higher Floating rate to lower floating rate, only if the same is permitted by the bank at the time of request): 0.5% of the loan amount outstanding .
    14. Conversion charges (Higher Fixed rate to lower Fixed rate, only if the same is permitted by the bank at the time of request): 1% of the loan amount outstanding.
    15. EMI cycle date change: Rs 500/-
    16. Equitable Mortgage Creation Charges: At Actuals
    17. CERSAI Charges (included in the Login fee): Rs 50/- for loans upto Rs 5 lacs and Rs 100/- for loans above Rs 5 Lacs.
    18. Please Note: All fees and charges are subject to change from time to time. Please make sure to contact the bank to find out the latest fees and charges related to the home loans.

    How to Apply for YES Bank Home Loan

    You can check your eligibility and apply for a home loan by signing up with CreditMantri. It is quick, simple and above all, free. CreditMantri matches your credit and demographic profile to the lenders lending criteria and presents you a shortlist of only those lenders willing to lend to you based on your unique credit profile. In effect, we prescreen your application to make sure you are likely to qualify as per the lender's credit criteria. Hence the chances of your home loan application getting approved is higher.

    YES Bank Home Loan Status

    Once you submit your application with your complete contact details and employment history, a YES bank representative will collect the required documents from you. The loan amount depends on your repayment capability and is restricted to a maximum of 80% of the market value whichever is lower. Repayment capacity is taken into consideration while making a sanctioning decision: factors such as income, age, qualifications, number of dependents, assets, spouse's income, existing obligations, employment stability and savings history play a vital role.

    You can check your YES Bank Home Loan status by contacting your branch and referencing the application number. You can also contact YES customer care for help with tracking your application.