How to create the perfect social media strategy

Social media rules the marketing world these days. Thus, it is imperative for any brand to create a perfect social media strategy. However, a social media strategy for a brand is crafted in a different manner…

April 22, 2018

Advertising and Social messages: Yes or No?

We live in an age where everyone has an opinion on everything. To have an opinion as an individual is fine, but do brands really need to choose sides? Advertising campaigns tinged with social messages are…

February 9, 2018

Instagram is already dominating 2018 with these new features

Instagram never ceases to amaze with the features they keep rolling out. Big or small, each new feature on Instagram is discussed widely. Even...

February 1, 2018

Convert your social media followers into paying customers with these tips.

A brand’s online presence is one of the most important parts of a brand’s overall reputation. However, having a large following on social media platforms does not necessarily mean that a company has the corresponding

January 14, 2018

Leveraging the power of visual to increase engagement on Social Media

Did you know that our brains process images a thousand times faster than text? Well, now that you do, you probably understand why images are so important on social media. Brands spend a ton of money…

January 4, 2018

Social Media Trends in 2017 That Have Blown Us Away

Every day when we wake up, there is something new happening on social media. Social media has become an umbrella term for every old and new app that promotes online interaction. With technological innovation at an all-time…

December 22, 2017